Congratulations! You are getting married and now you can plan your wedding.

Maybe you have looked forward to this day for years; the dress, the flowers and the moment you look your loved one in the eyes and say ‘yes’ for the rest of your life. But until that moment is there, you have to plan your wedding and that might be a little overwhelming.

When you don’t have the time or the skills to plan your wedding from A to Z, then I can help you as a wedding planner, to help you organize your big day in the Netherlands.

Tell me your wishes and I will make them come true. Do you want a fairy tale wedding in a wonderful castle? Would you like to get married at the beach or a wedding with a theme? I will plan your perfect wedding without going over your budget.

I will talk to the vendors, compare florists, will search for the best wedding cakes and find you the best locations, so you can have the day of your dreams.

Discover how I can help you and request a free consult for 30 minutes.


Please note I only plan weddings in the Netherlands, please contact me if you plan to get married in the Netherlands and need some help.

Because I just started as a wedding planner, I apply a discount of 50 per cent on my hourly rate for couple who choose for a collaboration with me before the 1st of January 2023.